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Medical Textiles

Medical Textiles Dubai UAE ; Orient Textiles has built up a proprietary laminate texture that is strong and sturdy. This unrivaled, innovative, ultra-execution texture is super-absorbent, synthetic resistant and impermeable to liquids, giving a boundary against infections and bacteria.

Textiles Composition

The layers utilized as a part of our textures are just a couple of µm thick and are resistant to chemicals. Their elasticity and light weight make them perfect for use in textile composites Medical Textiles Dubai UAE. Orient has an excellent moisture vapor transmission rate which makes the texture exceedingly breathable.

The film is integrated in surgical outfits or wraps and is protected by a polyester texture and liner (3-layer sandwich construction). The textures are almost free of particles and have a high capacity to ingest liquids.

Textiles and Gowns

Orient supplies both single-utilize curtains and outfits, under the Orient mark, and additionally its traditional recyclable window hangings and outfits. This furnishes our clients with the option to utilize whatever textile combination best suits their requirements Medical Textiles Dubai UAE. We are remarkably positioned to offer a half breed solution of both single-utilize and reprocessed wraps in a solitary pack. Contact us for more detail.

• Quilted Bedspreads
• Coverlets & Comforters
• Cap Tops
• Un quilted Bedspreads & Cap Wraps
• Bed Wraps & Top Sheets
• Quilt Covers
• Contract Curtains
• Sheets & Pillow Cases
• Mattress Protectors, Pillow Protectors & Toppers
• Pillows
• Blankets & Donnas
• Bed Runners
• Cushions
• Valances & Base Wraps
• Bath Towels, Bath Mats, Hand Towels & Face Washers
• Bath Robes & Slippers
• Shower Curtains
• Table Cloths / Overlays / Napkins
• Tea Towels
• Matting
• Aprons & Laundry Bags

Medical Textiles Dubai UAE

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